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[ who we work for ]
[ some of what we have done ]

[ who we work for ]
[ some of what we have done ]

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MarTech Engineering : contact

Mike Bell, President
To succeed in today's competitive industrial world we must understand our clients' goals and concerns. Projects are driven many times by tight schedules and very trim budgets, creating the need for engineering services that are delivered on time and with a high degree of accuracy.

Mar Tech's commitment to high quality engineering documents and the drive to meet or exceed standards has provided us with a growing acceptance in the industrial world. We have expanded the industries we serve to include pulp and paper, wood products, chemical and power plants.

Mar Tech's goal is to develop a successful relationship with each client based on mutual trust. We strive to create and build the necessary elements to form this type of relationship.

We appreciate the opportunity to present Mar Tech through the pages of this Web site and look forward to working with you on future projects.

Piping Detail
Michael Bell, P.E.
President, Mar Tech Engineering